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Lease a Toyota Yaris 1.5L SE (TY00859) Sedan 2019

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Lease a Toyota Yaris 1.5L SE (TY00859) Sedan 2019 Only 2 Cars Remaining!
Monthly lease rate1,100.00 AED
First 1,000 Km per MonthFree
Extra 100 Km11.00 AED
Extra 250 Km26.00 AED
Extra 500 Km48.00 AED
Extra 1000 Km88.00 AED

You’re not going be comfortable driving this car from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah on a daily basis. Yes, we said it. But if you need to lease a car to take the kids to school, pick up some bit’s and bobs at the mall, and get to work and back, you’ll find the Yaris more than capable. It’s a stalwart of the UAE car rental market.

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